Here is top current affairs in question answer series, which are most important for all upcoming examination in 2018-2019.
Q. Which famous Indian poet and lyricists died on 19th July 2018?
Ans – Gopal Das Neeraj
Q. Recently, in which state was the country’s first fully dedicated hotel dedicated to women announced?
Ans – Kerala
Q. In July 2018, which two mobile companies have been allowed by Government to merge together?
Ans – Vodafone and Idea


Q. In which state the scheme has been announced in July 2018 to set up a solar plant in one third of the farmer’s farm?
Ans – Delhi
Q. The West Bengal Government has passed the proposal to change the name of its state. What will be the new name?
Ans – Bangla
Q. – Which railway station’s name was changed to name of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay?
Ans – Mughalsarai
Q. According to an article published in ‘Science’, which planet is estimated to be 20 kilometer long lake under the ground?
Ans – Mars
Q. “The Green Mahanadi Mission” has been started by which state?
Ans – Odisha
Q. – Who is the first Indian Prime Minister to go to Uganda?
Ans – Narendra Modi
Q. Which state has launched the “e-Pragati Core initiative Scheme” in July 2018?
Ans – Andhra Pradesh
Q. Which mobile company of South Korea opened its factory in Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh in July 2018?
Ans – Samsung
Q. Where has India’s first Tiger cell launched?
Ans – Dehradun
Q. Which former Prime Minister of Pakistan has been sentenced to jail along with daughter in the case of corruption?
Ans – Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
Q. In which Indian state the Governor’s rule was implemented in June 2018?
Ans – Jammu and Kashmir
Q. Which Indian woman player gave to India the first gold medal in the Gymnastics World Cup 2018?
Ans – Deepa Karmakar
Q. Who made the record of becoming India’s youngest Grandmaster at the age of 12 years?
Ans – Praggnanandha (From – Chennai)


Q. Who made world record of making the most runs in a single match in ODI cricket?
Ans – Rohit Sharma (India, 264 Runs, Against Sri Lanka, on 13 November 2014)
Q. Where did the Gagan Shakti, 2018 ‘military exercise be organized in April 2018?
Ans – First phase was done at Pokhran near Pakistan border and The second phase was done in the North-East near the China border.
Q. Businessman Nirav Modi took a loan of billions of rupees from which bank and fled abroad?
Ans – Punjab National Bank
Q. The responsibility of maintenance of the Red Fort has been entrusted to which company?
Ans – The Dalmia Bharat Group
Q. In May 2018, to whome has been given additional charge of Ministry of Finance as Arun Jaitly has to undergo through medical treatment.
Ans – Piyush Goyal
Q. India’s President Ramnath Kovind visited which three countries in June 2018?
Ans – Greece, Suriname and Cuba
Q. Where Sindhu Darshan Festival is celebrated?
Ans – Laddakh
Q. Who won the French Grand Prix-2018 title?
Ans – Lewis Hamilton (Britain)
Q. According to the report of the Health Ministry, what percentage of GDP does India spend on public healthcare?
Ans – One Percent.

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