Current Affairs Question For Exam And KBC In 2019

If you are going to give any competitive exam then you should read current affairs. Here are 25 Current affairs question and answers which are sure to come in exams. These question answer are very very important for upcoming railway, bank and SSC exam in 2019.

(1) How many phases were held in India for the 17th Lok Sabha election? –
Ans :- 7
(2) With which country did India make an agreement to buy Raphael aircraft?
Ans :- France
(3) Which area of Pakistan claimed to have attacked by the Indian Air Force?
Ans :- Balakot
(4) Prime Minister Narendra Modi files nomination to contest election from which Lok Sabha seat?
Ans :- Varanasi
(5) What is the total length of the railway line in India?
Ans :- 1,08,706 Km
(6) What is the total route length of the railway in India?
Ans :- 63,028 Km.
(7) How many railway stations are there in India?
Ans :- 6,853
(8) Where is India’s biggest statue?
Ans :- Kevadia, Gujarat
(9) What is height of ‘Statue of Unity’?
Ans ;- 182 Meter
(10) Who is the richest person in India?
Ans :- Mukesh Ambani
(11) Who has been the Prime Minister of India for the longest time?
Ans :- Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru
(12) By Guinness world record, which is the largest temple in India?
Ans:- Akshardham (Delhi)
(13) The Varanasi is situated on the banks of which river?
Ans:- Ganga
(14) When did the first electric train run in India?
Ans :- On 3rd Feb 1925 (From Bombay VT to Kurla Harbour)
(15) What was India’s first talkie film?
Ans :- Alam Arah
(16) Which company launched the cheapest car in April 2019?
Ans :- Bajaj Qute By Bajaj Automobile
(17) Which airline did the shut its operations in April 2019 due to its poor financial condition?
Ans :- Jet Airways
(18) Who is the first Indian actor who interviewed any Prime Minister of India?
Ans :- Akshay Kumar
(19) During the Lok Sabha elections, which political party has mentioned in the manifesto of bringing the NYAY scheme?
Ans :- Congress Party
(20) In April 2019, in which neighboring country of India, there were serial bomb blasts that caused the death of more than 300 citizens?
Ans :- Sri Lanka
(21) When and where was the first match of IPL 2019?
Ans :- 23rd March, 2019 , Chennai
(22) In the Asian Athletics championships 1500 Meter race, which Indian female player received the Gold Medal on 24th April, 2019?
Ans:- P.U. Chitra
(23) In which country the Asian Athletics championship 2019 was held?
Ans:- Qatar
(24) Which Indian wrestler won the Gold Medal first time for India in the Asian Wrestling Championships held in China in April 2019?
Ans :- Bajrang Punia
(25) When will the launch of Chandrayaan 2?
Ans:- July 2019

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