Delete your all old posts or comments by month or year from Facebook

Many times facebook user wants delete their old posts or comments from their timeline. There are two process for delete all post from user’s time line.
First go to your profile page. There you will get your all post. Choose that old post which you want to be deleted. Click on right upper side point. After that a window will be appear. There you will see the option of delete post. After click on delete a message box will come for confirm delete option. Click on “Delete Post“. Your post will be deleted from your timeline forever.
The second option to delete your post of any specified month or year, go to your profile page. After that scroll down your page. After that you will see a new navbar will appear on upper left side corner. In which you will find three option – (1) Your name (2) Timeline (3) Recent.
Click on ‘Recent’ button. After click on that, the year list will come. Choose the year of which you want delete old post. After that your all post of that year will come on the screen. Now you can choose your old post for delete from your timeline.
There is one more option to delete post of any specified month. Click on ‘Activity Log‘ which is just 3 step up from ‘Log Out‘ button. After click on ‘Activity Log‘, your all posts and comments of any group or page will appear by month. Choose the month of that you want delete post of your timeline or any other group. After that choose delete option of all old post and comments. Your all post and comments will be deleted of that month on one click.

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