Demerit of IIT/AIEEE Coaching in Delhi

There are more then 1500 coaching for IIT and AIEEE in Delhi and NCR. All of these coaching claim that their students get success in IIT, AIEEE and other engineering entrance examination. But their claims are not truth totally and these coaching turned education into high earning business.
Many high profile branded coaching who take fee approx 2 lakhs from students for preparation of IIT and AIEEE but they do not give right education or guideline to all of their student. They select more then 1000 students for each batches. But after 2-3 months of admission they choose 40 brilliant student from their student who are already capable to success in IIT and only those 40 students get coaching from highly educated teachers (Ex – IITans, Prof., Lecturer of any engineering college etc.) in coaching. Rest students get coaching from non experienced and younger teachers who are simply B. Sc. level educated. Where the highly educated teachers of these coaching get high salary approx Rs. 1.5 lakh per month there non experienced and less educated teacher get Rs. 5,000 to 7,000 per month as salary. Those students cheated by branded coaching. Most of students are outsider from Delhi , so they can not oppose this cheating system of these coaching. Most of coaching runs in bad condition in any private building. These coaching are not eligible to charge so much high fee. On the base of only top 40 students of their coaching the advertise that maximum of theirs students get success in IIT. The leaving conditions in private lodge are very poor but highly expensive. Lodges near these coaching classes charges approx Rs. 2500 per bed per month. There are 3-4 bed in one small room. The water supply condition also poor in these lodges. The meal charge is costly without proper nutrition.
The situations in Kota for students of IIT coaching are same like Delhi. Thousands of students in Kota live in bad condition. They pay high fee (Approx Rs. 2 laks) for coaching but all of coaching cheat to these student. In these coaching more then 400 students seat at a time in classroom and they listen their teacher by mike and loud speaker. No any students can ask their problems to teacher.
Branded coachings who give big and full page advertisement in newspapers and claims sure success in IIT are fakes. These coachings loot the money from students and their guardian. These coaching have large network for catch student from all over India. Students gets admission in these branded coaching for success in engineering entrance exam, but after 2-3 months 99.9 % students feel that they have been cheated by these coaching. Maximum coachings get advance fee or post dated bank check. You can not get back the money from these coachings. The business of these coaching have turn in Rs. billions.
Be aware from these branded and fake coaching.

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