Easy Home Remedies To Remove Constipation

Most people are troubled by constipation. They also take allopathic medicine and Ayurvedic medicines but the problem of constipation is not solved. Constipation produces many other types of disease, including severe disease like headache, high blood pressure, blood sugar, obesity, heart disease and indigestion.
The cause of constipation – The main reason for constipation is low physical activity, eat too much oily food, and use less fiber in the food. Many times, excessive fast food, especially eating pizza, burgers or foods made from maida, also causes constipation.
Here are some home remedies that you can use to complete remove old constipation in a few days forever.

  • Walk at least 3 kilometers daily at any time, if you walk in the morning, it will be more beneficial.
  • After getting up every morning, drink at least half a liter of mild hot water.
  • Stop eating excessive oily food forever. Stop using junk food such as pizza, burger, samosa, hot dog. Because the amount of fiber in it is very low and it is difficult to digest. Consumption of chocolate and cold drink also increases constipation.
  • Eat Citrus fruits or its juice.
  • Be sure to drink at least one lemon juice during 24 hours, even if you drink lemon juice or eat lemon pickle.
  • Eat a raw onion with black salt in the form of salad in dinner (Those who are prevented from eating salt, do not take salt).
  • Eat 50-100 mg. boiled grams in breakfast every other day.
  • The person suffering from constipation should not eat rice and other substances made from rice. Instead of rice, food made from wheat should be eaten.
  • stop the consumption of cakes, breads, bakery products, spicy food, spicy vegetables, spicy non-vegans.
  • Increase the amount of pulse in the food, but the pulse should be simple, that is, do not mix the oil in pulse. Eat lemon juice in lentils and eat it.
  • The person suffering from constipation should not take potato intake more than two days in a week. Constipation is eliminated by taking green vegetables instead of potato.
  • If possible, drink a cup of hot milk before go to bed at night.
  • Alcohol and smoking also adversely affect the digestive system. So stay away from both of these.
  • With few remedies given above, you can get rid of constipation and related diseases forever, and do not even have to take any external medicines.

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