Establish Plastic Product Making Plant

Plastic has taken very important place in our life. We can not imagine a world without use of plastic. The requirement of plastic product is growing very fast in all over the world. The main raw material for make plastic is polymer which is available in market in many types such polystyrene polymers, opaque polymers, polystyrene opaque polymers and industrial polystyrene polymers.

There are different types of plastic product making plant comes for different types of product. Here is some example for that types of machine and their product variety.

  • Sheet extrusion and co-extrusion lines machine for the production of thermoforming films.
  • Roll feed thermoforming machines with pressure air and vacuum for drinking cups, yoghurt cups, plastic trays, bowls and other plastic packaging equipment.
  • Sheet thermoforming machines for the processing of plastic sheets, such for the production of refrigerator, automobile cavers, sanitary articles, Displays and others.
  • Dry off-set cup and lid printing machines to print on plastic cups, round or rectangular cups, pails and lids


You can make plastic cup, plastic mug, buckets, chair, table, plastic bag, all type of plastic kitchen product, plastic stationary product as pen, pencil box, launch box, water bottles, plastic toys, plastic cover, soap cases, PVC pipe, plastic door, plastic sheet and many other lots of products of plastic.

You can also use of plastic recycling machine and make new plastic product from plastic garbage.

The basic price of plastic product making machine starts from Rs. 2,70,000. You have to spend some more amount for other infrastructure like, building, power, land, labor etc. The total cost for establishing a plastic product making plant would be approx Rs. 5 lakh ($ 11,000).

The business of plastic making is very profitable because the demand of plastic is growing daily and the number of suppliers are not sufficient for fulfill the total demand.

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