Cheap Mobile (Rs. 7000-10000) Will Available From August In Indian Market.

The lockdown was implemented in India from 25 March 2020 due to Corona. With this, all factories, offices, shops etc. in India were closed. The production and sale of mobiles in India was also banned during the lock down. In the lock down 4, with some conditions, the mobile companies were given relief and they were allowed to manufacture and sell. But it is being seen that less than Rs. 13,000 cheap price mobiles are not available in the market. Customers desirous of getting new mobiles are very worried by this.
The reason for this shortage of cheap smartphones is mainly due to the shut down of mobile manufacturing factories during lock down period. This reduced the stock of mobile handsets made in India. Some mobile manufacturing factories opened after being relieved in the lock-down, but many workers in those factories were also found to be infected with Corona, which led to a ban on mobile handset manufacturing.
The second main reason for getting a cheap smartphone from the market is also a ban on air travel from abroad. There are many mobiles which are assembled abroad and imported from India by airways. But due to the air travel being stopped, the shipment of mobile handsets is not coming.
In the current era, some mobile companies are also taking advantage of the opportunity. Since cheap mobile handsets are not available in the market, they are selling expensive mobile phones in the market. In a way, artificially making cheap mobile handsets is being deliberately made by some companies, so that the customer is forced to buy expensive mobile handsets.
Given the current situation, cheap smartphone handsets in the range of Rs. 7000 – 10000 in the market are not expected to come immediately. But when the air travel from abroad will be restored and the corona will be controlled to some extent, then cheap price smartphone will be available in the market again.
According to the experts of the mobile market, from the month of August, the cheap handset will be available in the mobile.
And when cheap smartphones start getting ready in factories, then soon they will be available on the market as well as online platforms.

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