Foreign Countries Where Indian Goes For MBBS / Medical Studies.


Many students in India have a dream to become a doctor. To become a doctor, one has to study MBBS. In the year 2022, the total number of government and private medical colleges in India is 650, in which 90,825 seats are available for new admissions every year. In India, 15.50 lakh students appeared in the NEET exam in the year 2021, in which 8.70 lakh students qualified. But 90,825 students can take admission in government and private medical colleges of India. But the rest of the students who are not able to take admission in India. Most of these students go abroad to do MBBS. Students who can afford expensive fees go to countries like America, Britain, etc. Students who cannot afford expensive fees, then enroll in medical colleges of countries like Ukraine, Spain, etc. In the year 2022, about 9 lakh students of India are studying abroad for MBBS. Here is a list of countries where students from India go to do MBBS. Along with this, the number of Indian students studying MBBS in those countries is also being given.

Name Of CountryNumbers Of Indian Students For MBBS
United Arab Emirates2,19,000
Canada2,15,720 (Total Expenditure – Rs. 4 Crore per student)
Unites States Of America2,11,930 (Total Expenditure – Rs. 8 Crore per student)
Australia92,383 (Total Expenditure – Rs. 4 Crore per student)
Saudi Arabia80,800
United Kingdom44,465 (Total Expenditure – Rs. 4 Crore per student)
New Zealand30,000 (Total Expenditure – Rs. 4 Crore per student)
Philippines 15,000
Name Of CountryNumbers Of Indian Students For MBBS
South Korea592
South Africa434

Name Of CountryNumbers Of Indian Students For MBBS

Apart from these countries, students of India also go to do MBBS in these countries – Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belize, Bulgaria, Curacao, Dominica, Ethiopia, Guyana, Hagri, Latvia, Mauritius, Moldova, Nigeria, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Uganda, Yemen etc.


After coming to India after doing MBBS from abroad, the degree holder has to follow the ‘Foreign Medical Graduate Licensing’ (FMGI) Act – 2021 rule to practice medicine in India. Under which a student of any foreign medical college needs permanent registration for medical practice in India. For permanent registration, students must have a minimum of 54 months of education and internship. Only after this, the student can be registered for practice in India after passing the FMGI exam. The maximum time limit to qualify this exam is 10 years from the date of admission in MBBS. Although MBBS students from medical colleges located in UK, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand are not required to take the FMGI exam, these people automatically get a license to practice medicine in India. But, doing MBBS in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK costs a total of Rs 4 crore and in America it costs about Rs 8 crore to do MBBS. According to the data received from the National Board of Examination, from 2015 to 2018, 61708 students of MBBS from abroad appeared in the FMGI examination in which only 8764 students could qualify. Their qualifying percentage was 14.20. Similarly, in 2018-2019, 3449 out of 21,351 students, in June 2018 only 1480 out of 9274 students were able to qualify the FMGI exam.



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  3. Studying MBBS in which foreign country will be considered valid in India? And how to get scholarship from Government of India to study MBBS abroad?

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