Get loan from Kisan Credit Card (KCC) from Bank

Government of India has decided to give agriculture loan to the farmers. Many farmers are taking benefits of this loan facility. Kisan Credit Card is one of most famous scheme for loan in India. Kisan Credit Card is called KCC also. This is like a debit card for farmers. The bank issues the passbook to the beneficiary. Bank sanctions the loan on agriculture land. The maximum sanction for KCC is Rs.50,000 allowed. There is no any interest have to paid if beneficiary does not withdrawal the money from pass book.
The process of taking loan for KCC
(1) Receipt of land
(2) Land Position Certificate issued by Block Office
(3) Non- Judiciary Stamp Paper (Rs.100 x 2 )
(4) Residential Certificate
(5) 5 Passport size Photograph
(6) 5 Revenue Ticket
(7) NOC from other partner of land.

The requirement could be vary from bank to bank.
For know more detail contact your nearest rural bank.


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