Get SMS Quote of Stocks / Share price Free

Many times you do not know the current price of your stocks when you are in Market or any other place. But here are a SMS service provider who provide the SMS of your stock without any cost. This SMS service is free for 20 stocks. You will get 2 hot intraday tips free also by this SMS service when you activate your SMS service. You will get five times SMS in a trading session. First SMS will come at 9.57 A.M., Second – 11.00 A.M., Third – 12.30 P.M. , Forth- 2.45 P.M., Fifth and last – 3.15 P.M. . The stock value will be depend on latest value of stock at that time. This SMS service provides only 15 stock’s current value in free service. If you want latest value of more then 15 stocks then you have to paid Rs. 1 for each stock per month. (example: Rs 16.00 per month for 16 stock, Rs. 17.00 per month for 17 stock, Rs. 30 per month for 30 stock) .
You will get Intraday trading tips free also when you activate your account in SMS Service. The Intraday Tips is available on free SMS package also.
You may change your stock name after login the website of SMS service.

Click Here for activate your SMS Service free.

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