Govt. Will Give Loan Upto 20 Lakh To Small Businessman

Small industry has contributed a lot to economic activity in India. After the agriculture industry in India, the shops and small industries are the main leader to create jobs. The goal of the Government of India is to bring more growth in small industries.


The government seems to be working very fast for this. Central government has announced that small businessman will get loan up to Rs. 20 lakh without any mortgage. This scheme will be launched in July 2019. This loan scheme will be beneficial for those businessman who are running any business and file GST. Under this scheme the the small shopkeeper, small businessman can take Rs. 20 lakh as loan from any bank.
The main purpose of this scheme is expend the business and job opportunity in India. There are approx 6 crore small shopkeepers in India, who can take loan and can expend their business.
To get this loan, people who run small businesses can contact their bank and get information related to it. These loans are entitled to get – grocery shopkeepers, cosmetic shopkeepers, cloth shopkeepers, laundry owner, wood shoppers, shoe shopkeepers, shoe makers, ready-made cloth makers, vendors of plastic goods, sellers of parts, garage owners, dairy shopkeepers, vehicle owners, small industrialists making food items, soap makers etc.


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