Guest In “The Kapil Sharma Show” Season 2, 2019

“The Kapil Sharma Show” Season 2 is the most popular comedy TV show in India in 2019. This show is produced by Salman Khan.
The main anchor of this show is Kapil Sharma. Judge is Archana Puran Singh. Other actors are following –

  • Krushna Abhishek As Beautician Sapna
  • Kiku Sharda As Bachcha Yadav
  • Bharti Singh As Titli (Bachcha Yadav’s Wife)
  • Sumona Chakravarti As Bhoori (Titi’s Sister)
  • Chandan Prabhakar As Chandu
  • Rochelle Rao as Chingaari
  • In this show anchor Kapil Sharma invites many legend personality from Bollywood, music industry, sports industry.
    Here is list of those guest who has came in “The Kapil Sharma Show” in 2019.

    (1) Varun Dhavan (Actor)
    (2) Sonakshi Sinha (Actress)
    (3) Aditya Roy Kapoor (Actor)
    (4) Alai Bhatt (Actress)
    (5) Karan Johar (Film Producer & Director)
    (6) Kajol (Actress)
    (7) Kartik Aryan (Actor)
    (8) Kirti Sanon (Actress)
    (9) Asha Parikh (Actress)
    (9) Wahida Rahman (Actress)
    (10) Helan (Actress)
    (11) Ranveer Singh (Actor)
    (12) Sara Ali Khan (Actress)
    (13) Salman Khan (Actor)
    (14) Sohail Ali Khan (Actor)
    (15) Arbaz Khan (Actor)
    (16) Salim (Script Writer)
    (17) Amit Kumar (Singer)
    (18) Leena Chandavarkar (Actress and wife of Kishor Kumar)
    (19) Sunil Shetty (Actor)
    (20) Mouni Roy (Actress)
    (21) John Abraham (Actor)
    (22) Guru Randhwa (Singer)
    (23) Sania Mirza (Player)
    (24) Anil Kapoor (Actor)
    (25) Sonam Kapoor (Actress)
    (26) Ajay Devgan (Actor)
    (27) Ritesh Deshmukh (Actor)
    (28) Madhuri Dikshit (Actress)
    (29) Hrithik Roshan (Actor)
    (30) Tiger Shroff (Actor)
    (31) Vani Kapoor (Actress)
    (32) Priyanaka Chopra (Actress)
    (33) Farhan Akhtar (Actor)

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