Highest Mileage Car In India- Indica eV2

Tata Motors has launched new version of Tata Indica car. The latest version of Tata Indica car’s name is Tata Indica eV2. Tata Motors has claimed that Tata Indica eV2 is highest mileage car in petrol and diesel model. Tata motors has claimed that the mileage of Tata Indica eV2 is 25 Km/liter. This is highest mileage of car in India.

Company says that if you drive Tata Indica eV2 on high way without much breaks at speed of average 60-65 KM./hrs then this car can give mileage up to 40 KM/liter.

The price of Tata Indica eV2 petrol engine model starts from Rs. 3 lakh only. And the price of Tata Indica eV2 diesel engine model starts from Rs. 4 lakh. Tata Motor will give 2 year warranty on each car.

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