How to know IMEI number of stolen mobile?

If your mobile phone has lost then you can recover your mobile by IMEI number. For know IMEI number of your mobile dial *#06# . It will show IMEI number of your mobile. You should note this number to diary for further. This number will help you if your mobile has lost due to any reason.


But if you did not save IMEI number to anywhere and your mobile has been lost then there is another way to find out IMEI number of your lost mobile. Search the receipt and other original documents of  purchased mobile. There is IMEI number on the documents and receipt of your mobile. You can find the IMEI number from those documents.

By use IMEI number you can trace your stolen or lost mobile.

Telecommunication Department is going to establish a call centre who give service about lost or stolen mobile, where you can register any complain about stolen or lost mobile phone. You have to give IMEI number of your lost mobile phone. Call centre will note IMEI number of your mobile and when the same mobile will be used by any other person then TD will know the new number and location of your mobile. After that call centre will inform the local police station for recover the mobile from those person who is using the mobile. The user may be arrested. Another side call centre will inform you also about new number and location of your lost mobile. You can also followup that number. This service will available for all over world. It’s mean that if your lost / stolen mobile will be used in any where of world then recover agency will know about that new number.

So, don’t purchase any second hand mobile from any stranger. This may be put you in many problem. If you want purchase any second hand mobile then you should ask the truth from call centre by give IMEI number. If that mobile is lost or stolen then call centre will inform you.


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