Important Geographical Lines on Map

Map lines are very important for knowledge of geographical structure of any area. Here is list of map lines with their uses.

  • Agonic Line – Zero magnetic dough line.
  • Isoneph – Line joining similar average orercrast locations.
  • Isobath – Line joining the same depth of seawater.
  • Isogeotherm – Stratosphere line inside the earth
  • Plumb Line – Line joining center from the surface of the earth.
  • Isohel – Line joining the same Solar heating period
  • Isohyets – Line connecting places with similar rainfall
  • Isonif – Line joining similar snowy locations.
  • Isohaline – Line joining similar salinity points.
  • Isohypse – Line joining the same height points
  • Isobar – Line joining similar air pressure locations.
  • Isophyte – Line of equal height of plant.
  • Iso- Seismals – Line joining the same seismic intensity.
  • Isotherm – Line joining the same heat and height.
  • Isonomal – Line of stratospheric discrepancy.
  • Isobathythrem – Stratosphere line in sea water.
  • Isogloss – Border line to divide language in a state.
  • Iso-pract – Specific chart prepared for population etc.
  • Isoganic Line – Even magnetic duct line.
  • Isogonals – Line joining similar magnetic deprecated places.
  • Loxodrum or Rhumb Line – Line joining of any two points on the Mercator interpolation.
  • Iso Stasy – Equilibrium, which is found in the light shell and underground heavy shell material on the earth.
  • Isodapane – Equal transport cost line.
  • Iso-tach – The line joining the places on the seasonal map, where the speed of wind is found to be very similar.
  • Isobront – Line joining places with similar Thunder Storms.

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