List Of Famous Dish For Lunch In India

There is many types of food available for lunch in India. Here is list of top dishes which are very favorite in India for lunch.
(1) Rice, Pulse, Vegetable, Salad, Curd, Pickle, Papad, Veg Fry.
(2) Fry rice, Rajma (Beens) Salad, Pickle, Papad
(3) Pulaw, Pulse, Paneer Mix Vegetable, Salad, Padad
(4) Pulaw, Kachaudi, Pulses, Mix Vegetables, Veg Fry, Salad, Papad
(5) Rice, Curd Kadhi, Pakaudi, Veg Fry, Salad
(6) Rice, Sambhar, Salad, Pickle, Curd
(7) Bread, Pulses, Veg Fry, Salad, Curd
(8) Fry Rice, Palak Paneer, Veg Fry, Salad, Papad
(9) Fry Rice, Pulse Fry, Mix Veg, Salad, Papad
(10) Khichdi, Potato Bharta, Papad, Curd, Salad, Pickle
(11) Fry Rice, Chicken Curry, Salad, Curd
(12) Rice, Fish Curry, Salad, Curd
(13) Biryani Rice, Chicken, Salad
(14) Biryani Rice, Egg Curry, Salad
(15) Rice, Mutton Curry, Salad, Curd
(16) Pulaw Rice, Mutton Curry/Chicken Curry, Salad, Curd
(17) Veg Biryani, Pulse, Mix Veg, Salad
(18) Bread, Chicken/Mutton/Egg Curry, Salad, Curd
(19) Rice Fry, Dum Aaloo, Salad, Curd
(20) Rice, Pulses , Curd, Veg Fry
(21) Chicken Biryani, Salad
(22) Paratha, Fry Pluses, Paneer Fry, Salad
(23) Rice, Pulse Butter Masala, Mix Veg, Salad, Papad
(24) Rice, Egg Curry, Salad, Papad
(25) Rice, Pulse, Potato fry, Tomato Chatni, Pickle
(26) Pulaw Rice, Egg Curry, Slad, Curd,
(27) Jeera Rice, Mutton/Chiken/Egg Curry, Salad, Potato Fry
(28) Rice, Vegetable, Curd, Salad
(29) Rice, Bread, Pulse, Veg Fry, Mix Veg, Salad, Curd
(30) Rice, Pulses, Pakauda, Mix Veg, Pickle, Curd.

There are many vegetables available in India which are very popular in every house, such Potato, Brinjal, White Eggplant, Red Cabbage, Green Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Spinach, Green Lady Finger, Jackfruit , Green Peas, Mustard, Green Onion, Pointed Gourd, Spine Gourd, Snake Groud, Bottel Gourd, Round Groud, Ridge Gourd, Ivy Groud, Reddish, Pumpkin, Mushroom, Bell Paper, Carrot, Tomato, Raw Banana, Banana Flower Drumsticks, Colocasia Leaves, Colocasia Root, Taro Root, Elephant Foot Yam, Raw Papaya, Black Carrot, Lotus Stem, Amarnath Leaves, Green Chilli, Bitter Melon, Fennel, Wild Spinach, Fenugreek Leaves, Curry Leaves, Coriander Leaves, Mint, Kohlrabi, Cluster Beans, Runner Beans, French Beans, Fava Beans, Green Long Beans etc.


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