List of Indian Politicians who have done inter-religious marriages (अंतर्धार्मिक विवाह करने वाले भारतीय राजनेता की सूची)

Caste and religion matter a lot in marriages in India. Often people like to marry in their religion and their caste. But now the shackles of caste and religion are getting broken in the society. Now people go out of their religion and castes and choose boys and girls of other religions and castes as their life partner. The effect of all these social changes is also being seen on the politicians of India. Many politicians in India have got married after rising above the politics of caste religion and going to a different religion. There are many politicians who have not married their children in their religion but have got inter-religious marriages done.


Here is a list of those Indian politicians and their children who have performed inter-religious marriages.

  • Tejaswi Yadav (Hindu, Former Deputy Chief Minister Bihar) Weds Rachel Godinho Alias Rajshree Yadav (Christian)
  • Sushil Kumar Modi (Hindu, Former Deputy Chief Minister Bihar) Weds Jessie George (Christian)
  • Syed Shahnawaz Hussain (Muslim, Industry Minister of Bihar) Weds Renu (Hindu)
  • Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi (Muslim, Union Minister of Minority Affairs) Weds Seema (Hindu)
  • Sachin Pilot (Hindu, Ex Deputy Chief Minister Rajasthan) Weds Sara Abdullah (Muslim)
  • Farooq Abdullah (Muslim, Ex-CM of J&K) Weds Mollie (Christian)
  • Omar Abdullah (Muslim, Ex- CM of J&K) & Payal Nath (Hindu, Married in 1994, Separated in 2011)​
  • Rajesh Ranjan Alias Pappu Yadav (Hindu, Former MP & Jan Adhikar Party Chief) weds Ranjeeta (Sikh)
  • Smriti Malhotra Alias Smriti Irani (Hindu, Union Cabinet Minister of India) Weds Zubin Irani (Parsi)

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