Model Question Bank Of Railway Goods Gaurds Examination

Railway has announced heavy vacancies for goods Gaurds. The exam will be in month of March 2016.
Here is model question bank of previous goods Gaurds examination.
1. Dengue is caused by?
2. In the formula E = mc what does c stand for?
3. Which is used as disinfectant in wounds?
4. What is unit in which earthquake intensity is measured?
5. What is tenure of Sri Rajendra Prasad as President of India?
6. Who is known as the father of Indian constitution?
7. Who was popular known Frontier Gandhi?
8. Which was the port city of the Indus Vally Civilization?
9. Which river falls into the Arabian sea?
10. Who attended all the three round table confrance?
11. Who is the first person who delivered has speech in Hindi at U.N.O.?
12. Ajanta cave are connected with wich epic?
13. Tri-pitaka is associated with which religion?
14. Who was the advocate at the famous INA trial?
15. In which year Pradhanmantri Gramin Sadak Yojna was launched?
16. What is called the rate at which banks lend to RBI?
17. In which year “India brand equity fund” was established?
18. In which yeat Kisan Credit Card system was introduced?
19. What is NAFED ?
20. Who regulates micro finance in India?
21. Which committee associated with establish New Stock Exchange?
22. What is High powered money?
23. In which year NABARD established?
24. Who is Governor of RBI?
25. Which is country of rising sun?

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