Niyojit Teacher’s Salary Should be 40% Increase In Bihar : Supreme Court

The Supreme Court asked the Bihar Government to consider raising the niyojit teachers’ salary by 40% and solve this issue as soon as. But, state Government has expressed its inability to increase teachers’ salaries by more than 20%. The bench of Justices Adarsh Kumar Goel and Justice Rohinant Fali Nariman fixed the date for the last hearing of the matter on July 12, 2018. Therefore, 3,69,000 niyojit teachers of Bihar will have to wait for three months to hear the final decision of this case of the same salary.
Attorney General K.K. Venugopal, on behalf of the Central Government, told the Supreme Court that if the teachers’ salary in Bihar increased by 40% then similar demands would be made by teachers of other states. Advocate Gopala Singh and Manish Kumar on behalf of the Bihar Government debated this issue. He told the court that the state government is able to increase the niyojit teachers’ salary by 20%. With 20% increase, teachers’ salaries will increase by 5000 rupees. Advocate Ranjit Kumar on behalf of the Teacher Union opposed this plea of the Bihar government in the court. He also said that the salary of teachers is less than peon’s salary.
At present, teachers receive monthly salary ranging from Rs 20000 to Rs 25000, whereas peon’s salary is Rs 36,000 per month. If the demand for equal pay for the same work is accepted then the salary of Niyojit teachers will be 35,000 to 44,000 rupees.
This case is only related to the salary of primary school niyojit teachers. But if the salary of the niyojit teachers of primary school will increase, the salary of secondary school and higher secondary school niyojit teachers will also increase by 40%. In such situation the salary of niyojit teachers of secondary school will be between rs. 40,000 to 55000 and the higher secondary school niyojit teachers’ salary will be Rs. 45,000 to 65000 rupees per month. Therefore, now everyone is waiting for the verdict on July 12.

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