Online Application For Voter ID Card

India Government has launched the official website for voter ID card . You can know the detail of your voter ID Card and you can apply online for voter ID Card.
The Online process of apply for voter ID card is very simple. You will get your voter ID Card by post in 2-3 weeks. You need following documents for online apply for voter ID Card-
(1) Name Proof
(2) Age Proof
(3) Photograph
(4) Address Proof
You have to fill up all form during the online apply for voter ID Card. After complete the fill up the full form you will get a number . You have to take a print out of application for Voter ID Card from this website. After take printout write down name and other thing and paste a photo on this application. Send it to Election Commission Office with xerox copy of all above document. You will get your voter ID Card in 2-3 weeks only.
You will get more information on official website of Election Commission Office.

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