Online Apply Facility For Take Indian Citizenship

The Government of India amended the citizenship law in December 2019. According to this amendment, the Indian government will give citizenship to the afflicted minorities (Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs) of neighboring countries of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh who have been living in India as refugees since 2014. Against this decision of the central government, the state governments of the opposition parties have refused to implement this law in their state.
Refugees have to submit their documents to the District Magistrate’s Office to take citizenship of India. The District Magistrate examines those documents. The District Magistrate recommends granting Indian citizenship to the refugees after the document is found to be correct. But when the state government has refused to implement CAA itself, the power of these district magistrates has also seized.
In view of the disagreement of the State Governments, the Central Government has considered that the facility for applying for refugees to take Indian citizenship should now be implemented online in the cell established by the Central Government in lieu of the office of the concerned District Magistrate. For this, the notification will be issued soon by the central government. Under which the refugees of the state in which CAA is not applicable can apply their application for taking Indian citizenship online.
After this, the documents of the refugees will be verified online, then the citizenship certificate of the refugees will be sent to its address. With this initiative of the central government, refugees will not have to visit DM office and they will get Indian citizenship within 30 days of applying.

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