Online Pure Chana Sattu From Bihar

Famous food item of Bihar is Sattu which is made from gram. Sattu is very beneficial for health. There is no problem of gastric, constipation etc. in the stomach due to the intake of sattu. Protein is found in high amounts in gram sattu. This is why Sattu, the hard working person, prefers more. Sattu drink provides great cooling to the stomach. Sattu is also considered the best diet for diabetes patients. By drinking Sattu solution, sugar level remains in control and the body also gets full of energy.
Sattu is also found in high amounts in fiber. A person suffering from obesity should drink 100 grams of Sattu solution every day, due to which its weight becomes normal. One who suffers from indigestion should also drink Sattu solution every morning.
Sattu is also used in making litti or paratha which is quite delicious.
Pure sattu is available in Bihar
If Sattu is not found near you, then you can also get it from Bihar by parcel. .
If this item is not available in any shop near you, then you can get it from Bhagalpur by parcel. There are some persons in Bhagalpur, who on your request, buy your desired item from the local shop of Bhagalpur and parcel it to your address by Indian post.

The online sattu is priced at Rs 250 per kg. (Including delivery charges). To order it online, you have to order at least 1 kg of sattu and pay in advance through online payment. Only then will your order place. Sattu will be send to your address by parcel service on India Post.

Contact for more information –
S.K. Singh
Mashakchak, Bhagalpur
Mobile / whatsapp – 9934277101

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