Open Saving Account On Zero Balance Without Maintain Minimum Balance

If you want open a saving account in any national bank without any minimum balance then you should open a saving account in Indian Post Payments Bank.
This service has launched in September 2018.
Here you can open a saving account without deposit any amount. The initial charge for open a saving account is Rs. 2/- (Two) only. After open account you no need to maintain any minimum balance. So, no any amount will be deducted from your saving account for not maintain minimum balance.
Here you can get 4% interest on your amount of your saving account.
You can open saving account in any branch of post office. The main benefit of this banking is that you can deposit amount through your postman. You can also take amount at your home through your postman.
Here you can access mobile banking also at your saving account in India Post Payments Bank. You will get ATM card also, by wich you can withdraw any amount from any corner of India through any ATM.
For open any saving or current account in India Post Payments Bank, you have to go with your Aadhar Card. Within 5 minutes your account will be open in Rs. 2/- Only.
So, if you are worried about maintain minimum balance in any bank, then close your account there and open a saving account in India Post Payments Bank.

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