Parcel Charge By India Post

If you want send any item by courier than you should try send it by India Post. India Post provides cheap charge of courier. Here you can send item up to 20 Kg in one parcel pack. This item will be send in Parcel category. For send parcel you have to pack your item in carton box. After that seal the box with cello tape or white cotton cloth . After that write the name and address of receiver on a paper and paste on box. After that paste transparent cello tape on address’s paper. Now your parcel is ready to handover to counter in post office.


The charge of parcel is depend on weight of parcel. Here is charge of parcel in post office.

Up to 1 Kg – Rs. 70/-

Above 1 Kg to 2 Kg – Rs. 85 to Rs. 160/-

Above 2 Kg to to 3 Kg – Rs. 130/- to Rs. 150/-

Above 3 Kg to 4 Kg. – Rs. 165/- to Rs. 190/-

Above 4 Kg to 5 Kg. – Rs. 180/- to Rs. 220/-

Above 5 Kg to 6 Kg. – Rs. 265/- to Rs. 330/-

Above 6 Kg to 7 Kg. – Rs. 250/- to 300/-

Above 8 Kg to 9 Kg. – Rs. 300/- to 400/-

Above 10 Kg to 11 Kg – Rs. 370 to Rs. 390/-

Above 12 kg to 13 Kg. – Rs. 480/- to Rs. 520/-

Parcel charges depend on the weight, size of the box and the distance to the destination. Therefore, for different weight of parcel box , two amounts have been mentioned in the above charge writing, the charge can be anything between the two amounts written. One thing to note is that the total weight of the parcel is measured including the carton box.

Although the parcel charge is Rs 70 per kg, but as the weight increases, the parcel charge goes down by Rs 70 per kg. Therefore, it is not necessary that if the weight of the parcel is 10 kg, then the parcel charge will be Rs. 700 per kg, but it will be much less than 700.
The parcel charge according to the weight is automatically marked on the computer in the post office. After paying the parcel charge, the parcel is home delivered by post to the receiver’s home after some days Usually, it takes the same time for a parcel to reach its destination from the post office as it takes for a registered letter. After booking the parcel, the booking clerk will also give you its receipt, you can also track your parcel online with the booking number mentioned on that receipt.
Normal parcel is sent by train. But if you want to send speed parcel by airplane then its charge is more than normal parcel.


All above charges are updated till June 2022. These charges may vary on any time. So, please confirm about actual charge on parcel counter of your nearest post office.

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