Price, Mileage & Feature of Bajaj 100cc Discover Bike

Bajaj has launched new bike in 100cc bike segment named Bajaj Discover 100cc DTSi. This bike has high mileage. Bajaj has claimed that new Bajaj 100cc DTSi Discover bike will give 78-80 km/ltr. mileage. There are 5 gear present in this bike. It is not self starter.

The price of Bajaj 100cc DTSi Discover will be start from Rs. 40,000. Bajaj will product Platina continuously. Platina is coming Rs. 34,000. If we compare between Bajaj 100cc Discover Vs. Bajaja 100cc Platina then we will find that Bajaj 100cc DTSi Discover have more attractive feature. Its looks are very stylish. Its headlamp is just like Bajaj 135cc DTSi. Means that there are no any differences in looks of Bajaj 135cc DTSi and 100cc DTSi. The only differences are in engine capacity and mileage.
So if you don’t have budget for purchase stylish Bajaj Discover 135cc DTSi bike then purchase Bajaj 100cc DTSi Discover for same looks and style. You will save money in two ways. First in purchase amount and second your fuel cost will be decrease due to high mileage engine of Bajaj 100cc DTSi Discover.

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