Question With Answer Of History Paper Of Bihar Board +2 Exam

Here is questions of History paper of Bihar Intermediate examination 2018. The answer of objective question is given.
Objective Questions


(1) Harappan Civilization is of which age?
Ans : Bronze age
(2) Harappa is situated near which river?
Ans : Ravi
(3) Where is Lothal Situated?
Ans : Gujarat
(4) Mohanjodaro was excavated by –
Ans : Rakhal Das Banerjee

(5) Who Wrote Indica?
Ans : Megasthnese
(6) Which king of Gupta Dynasty was called “The Nepoleon of India”?
Ans : Samudragupta
(7) Which ruler itroduces “Dhamma” in ancient India?
Ans : Ashoka
(8) How many types of marriages are mentioned in Manusmriti?
Ans : Four
(9) How long did battle of Mahabharat last?
Ans : 18 Days
(10) Who was called ‘Gangaputra’ in Mahabharat?
Ans : Bhishma
(11) Shwetamber and Digamber are ralated with which religion?
Ans : Jainism
(12) The fourth Buddhist Council was held in the reign of Which ruler?
Ans : Kanishka
(13) Din-i-Illahi is associated with
Ans : Akbar
(14) Who was the last Mughal emperor of India?
Ans : Bahadur Shah Zafar
(15) Who had to pay Jazia?
Ans : Traders
(16) Whose travel account is found in Kitab-ur-Rehala?
Ans : Ibn Batuta
(17) Which Mughal emperor first started the use of Tobacco?
Ans : Akbar
(18) With whom did Albaruni came to India?
Ans : Mahmud Gaznavi
(19) Where is famous Virupaksha temple located?
Ans : Hampi
(20) Ayangar System was associated with –
Ans : Vijaynagar Empire
(21) Who was the greatest ruler of Vijaynagar?
Ans : Krishnadev Rai
(22) Kabir was disciple of –
Ans : Ramananda
(23) Which Saint started Bhakti Movement in North India?
Ans : Ramanand
(24) Who was the first foreign traveler to come to Vijaynagar?
Ans : Nicolo Conti
(25) Whose preaching’s are collected in “Bijak”?
Ans : Kabir
(26) With which Sufi sect Nizamuddin Auliya is associated?
Ans : Chishti
(27) Whose travel account is found in “Tahquiq-a-Hind?
Ans : Albaruni
(28) Who was Megasthnese?
Ans : Ambassador
(29) Who is credited with introduction of permanent settlement in Bengal and Bihar?
Ans : Lord Cornwallis
(30) Who was the first European to come to India
Ans : Portuguese
(31) When was supreme court established in Calcutta?
Ans : 1774
(32) When did Portuguese captured Goa?
Ans : 1510
(33) When did Santhal Revolt took place?
Ans : 1855
(34) What was “Damin-e-Koh”?
Ans : Land
(35) Who led the rvolt of 1857 from Lucknow?
Ans : Begum Hazrat Mahal
(36) Who was the Governor General of India at the time of the Revolt 1857?
Ans : Lord Canning
(37) The Doctrine of Lapse was associated with –
Ans : Dalhousie


(38) The Building of “Victoria Terminus” is of which style?
Ans : Indo-Saracenic style
(39) When was “Gateway of India” built?
Ans : 1911
(40) Which one of the following movement started from Dandi March?
Ans : Civil Disobedience Movement
(41) Where was the first Peasant movement launched by Mahatama Gandhi?
Ans : Champaran
(42) When did Non-cooperation movement started?
Ans : 1920
(43) When did Simon Commission came to India?
Ans : 1928
(44) The act of 1919 is also called –
Ans : Montagu-Chelmsford reforms
(45) When did Jallianwala bagh massacre took place?
Ans : 13 April 1919
(46) When was partition of Bengal announced ?
Ans : 1905
(47) Who gave the word “Pakistan”
Ans : Iqbal
(48) Who was the first woman president of Indian National Congress?
Ans : Annie Besant
(49) When was Indian constitution enforced?
Ans : 26th January 1950
(50) Who was the first president of Independent India?
Ans : Rajendra Prasad

  • Short Answer type Question

(1) What is the importance of inscriptions in history writing?
(2) What was the main reason for the downfall of Harappam civilization?
(3) Write the town planning of Indus Valley civilization.
(4) Throw light on the Science and technology of the Gupta period.
(5) Who were Savahans?
(6) Write a short note on Shrimadbhagvad Gita.
(7) Who were Digambers and Shwetambers?
(8) What do you know about Ain-a-Akbari?
(9) Estimate the land settlement system of Akbar.
(10) What is chronical?
(11) Why did Akbar abolished jajiya Tax?
(12) Mention the features of the architecture of Vijay Nagar Empire.
(13) What does Sufism mean?
(14) Who was the Albaruni? Discuss
(15) What do you know about Jhoom cultivation?
(16) What were the immediate cause of the revolt of 1857?
(17) Give a brief introduction of Veer Kunawr Singh.
(18) How did European trading company encouraged urbanization in India?
(19) Write a brief note on Simon Commission.
(20) What were the cause of Champaran Satyagrah?
(21) What was the Mountbatten Plan?
(22) How was the constituent assembly constituted?

  • Long Answer Type Questions

(1) Discuss the salient features of Harappan Civilization.
Describe the life and teaching of Mahavira.
(2) Discuss the religious policy of Akbar
Give an account of the achievements of the Vijaynagar empire.
(3) Describe the results of Bhakti Movement.
Give an account of the causes of the Revolt of 1857.
(4) Why did Britishers left India? Discuss the causes.
Evalute the role of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar in making the constitution of India.


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