Repair those mobile who damaged due to drowning in water

Many times the mobile is immersed in water in some way. Due to drowning or wetness in the water, the mobile gets damaged. Due to this, the mobile consumer has to face a lot of trouble.
People often do domestic remedies to fix the mobile which has been damaged due to drowning in water. But it does not succeed. Due to drowning in water, technical problem comes in the internal circuit of the mobile. If you open such a mobile and check its circuit, then the problem is known in it.
After submerging in water, repair the mobile as follows.
First of all, remove the mobile from the water and wipe it thoroughly with a clean cloth. If the mobile battery or back cover can open, then open it and keep it in the sun for a day. Remember that never keep the mobile on flame of fire.
After being kept in the sun for a day, fix the back cover and battery to the mobile again and then switch on the mobile.
If the mobile is not becoming on, then put it in the charge and leave it for a 1 hour. Then switch the mobile on again.
If in spite of this the mobile switch is not going on, then talk to the customer care of the mobile company and find the servicing center of the mobile.
To repair the damaged mobile due to submerging in water, take it to the nearest service center of that mobile company.
The problem of damaged mobile will be fixed in the service center. Often due to drowning in water, there is a problem in the mobile circuit. The problem encountered in the mobile circuit in the service center is fixed within a day.
Many people say that due to the sinking of the mobile water, the main board of the mobile has deteriorated and will have to be repaired. However this is not completely true. The whole board is never destroyed, but only some part of it is destroyed. In the mobile servicing center, the defect in that part is repaired.
Therefore, if your mobile gets damaged, there is no need to worry too much, rather it needs to be repaired.
Some mobiles are completely water proof mobiles, which do not cause any problem even when immersed in water. Such mobiles cost more than ordinary mobiles.

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