Reva E Car – An Converted E Car From An E Rickshaw

An E-riskshaw maker company in Hyderabad launched e-car named Reva E Car. The specialty of this electric car is that it has been replaced by e-rickshaw. In the e-rickshaw where there are three wheels, there are 4 wheels in this small car. A steering has been fitted in place of the handle to run this car. In this small e-car at least four passenger can be sit including driver.


At least 70 kilometers of travel can be done comfortably with 4 riders, if this e-car is fully charged with electricity. Electricity consumes almost 6 units of electricity for the full charge of the e-car. That is, at the expense of 6 units of electricity, you can travel 70 kilometers to comfortably with 3 other people.
This small Reva e-car has a total of 2 doors. There is a glass window to avoid rain and wind. There are no gear in this car’s engine. The maximum speed of this car is 40 kilometers / hr. In this e-car, the brake and accelerator is below the feet.
There is no AC in this car, but fan can be installed in it. And music systems can also be added to listen to songs in it. This small car is extremely suitable for low income of group. This e-car will be available to the customer for just Rs 1,80,000. The special thing is that this electric car will not have to get any registration right now.
At present, this car is only available in Hyderabad. These cars will be available gradually through its distributor throughout the country.


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