RRR Movie’s Premier Show On Television

The film RRR directed by film director SS Rajamouli, is the biggest superhit Indian film of the year 2022. Originally this film was made in Telugu. But this film has also been dubbed in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, English, Portuguese, Korean, Turkish and Spanish languages. Thus, it is the first Indian film to be dubbed a Telugu film in 10 languages.

The film made a worldwide box office collection of Rs 1100 crores. The main cast of this film are – Ramcharan, NTR Jr., Ray Stevenson etc. Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgan have played guest roles in this film.


Plot of movie RRR –

The film is based on the events of the 1920s. At that time India was ruled by the British. The then Governor Scott Buxton (Ray Stevenson) had forcibly imprisoned a girl from a village in Andhra Pradesh in his palace in Delhi. To free the same girl from captivity, a tribal leader named Komaram Bheem (NTR Junior) comes to Delhi and starts living in the guise of a Muslim. But the Delhi Police came to know that a rebel has come to Delhi to save the girl, so to catch that rebel, the British give its duty to the police officer Alluri Sitarama Raju (Ramcharan). Ram diligently engages in the search of Bhima. One day, Ram and Bhima unintentionally meet, and while saving a child, they develop a great friendship, while both remain unaware of each other’s realities. Bhima was unaware that Ram was a police officer and was looking for him to catch him. There is a lot of friendship between the two. But one day Ram comes to know that his friend Bhima is the person he is looking for, then he arrests Bhima when Bhima was struggling to save the girl in the governor’s house. Bhima develops hatred for Rama. But Ram is actually a hidden rebel whose aim was to destroy the British rule. His secret plan was to take possession of the British arsenal and use their own weapons to end the British rule by waging war against the British. But he realized that his secret campaign would not be successful unless the common people were also motivated to agitate against the British rule. Therefore he found Bhima the most suitable hero to agitate the people. Therefore, Ram makes a plan to free Bhima from the captivity of the British. According to the plan, he persuades the governor that Bhima should be taken to a deserted area outside Delhi to be hanged and hanged in front of the same girl whom Bhima had come to Delhi to free. The governor agrees. After that, as soon as the girl is brought near Bhima, Ram cleverly blocks the way of the British soldiers and helps the girl and Bhima to escape from there. But now Ram himself comes in the captivity of the British. Bhima and his associates flee Delhi to Agra where they accidentally meet Ram’s fiancée Sita (Alia Bhatt). Sita tells Bhima that “Ram is actually a freedom fighter who is in the British police only so that he can secretly deliver British army’s weapons to the Indian rebels who are fighting against the British for the country’s independence. But in this sequence, the British have caught Ram and now they are going to hang him.” Knowing the reality of Ram, Bhima regrets that he considered Ram as anti-national. Bhima takes a vow that in any case he will free Ram from the clutches of the British. So he goes back to Delhi from Agra, Bhima is successful in his campaign and frees Rama from the governor’s captivity. After that Ram and Bhima together kill the British governor in his own palace.


The world television premier of Hindi version of movie RRR‘s will be streamed on Zee Cinema on 15th August 2022, while the Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam versions of the same film will be streamed on Star Network’s movie channel.

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