Get Rs. 50,000 After Pass Graduation Exam Scheme 2021

Now in Bihar, the Government has launched a very good scheme for girl students. Under this scheme, the girl student who will pass the bachelor’s final examination now, will be given a prize of Rs. 50,000. The benefit of this scheme will be for all the students of Bihar whether they are married or unmarried. The benefits of this scheme will be given to two children only from a family. This scheme will be valid from April 2021.


Millions of girl students will be benefited from this scheme, and girls student will also be attracted to education.
The problem of female illiteracy in Bihar is the most serious. Due to such schemes being implemented by the government, the problem of women’s illiteracy will be reduced. But the biggest problem is that the colleges for women in Bihar are inadequate.
There is no college in the rural areas far away. Government should be generous in terms of establishment of private colleges so that more and more colleges can be opened. This will not make it difficult for the girls living in rural areas to get higher education.


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