Scenery Of Mandar Hill, Baunsi, Banka

Historical Mandar Mountain is situated in Bounsi Village, District – Banka (Bihar). Here are important temples for the people of both Hindu and Jain religion. It is believed that when the sea was churned by the Gods, the Mandar Mountain was used only to churn.
Today is Lord Vishnu’s temple in the foothills of Mandar Mountain. Here, every year from January 1 to January 14, the famous Fair of Bihar ‘Bounsi Mela, is organized. During this time, lakhs of Hindu devotees come to this fair, and after bathing in the ‘Papharni Talab’, worship Lord Vishnu.
The famous Digambar Jain temple of Bihar is at the top of Mandar Hill. A path has been made to the temple to go to Jain temple, so you can walk on foot. This temple is situated at a height of about 500 meters from the ground. There is a work to establish rope way to go to the top of Mandar Hill now. Which is the target to be completed in 2018. The best season to visit here is from November to February. It is quite difficult to climb up during the summer time.
Hotel at Mandar Hill – There is no hotel or lodge around Mandar Hill, in which you can stop.
How can reach Mandar Hill – The distance from the Banka city and Bhagalpur town to Mandar Hill is 40 kilometers and 50 kilometers respectively. There are many hotels in both of these places where you can stay. From these two places you will get bus service throughout the day. Either you can visit there by book any taxi.
Photos of Lord Vishnu Temple and Jain Temple at Mandar Hill.


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