Send Online Audition Video For Acting In Bollywood, Online Talent Hunt

There is a golden chance to join film or television industry as an actor or actress. You don’t need for go to Mumbai for struggle in Bollywood Industry. Film producer Snil Vohra has launched latest web portal “”, where you can submit your audition video of 3 minutes. By this video you would get call from producers of film or television industry.
There are lots of chances in bollywood industry to get job of actor. Many producers wants make small budget film with new actor. But these days there are big difference in demand and supply of new actor and actress in Bollywood.
So, if you are looking job in Bollywood as actor or actress then make your own audition video by any good quality mobile of 3 minutes and upload this to above web portal.
How to make audition video –
For making audition video you should play a role of any character and give your performance with adject acting. Just suposse that you are an actor and you are acting against camera.

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