Solution of Invalid Sim Problem in Mobile

Many times you get massage of “Invalid Sim” in your mobile. There are mainly three reasons of this problem . Here is detail of the solutions of “Invalid Sim” problem.
(1) This problem has came due to if you are trying to insert Sim in Slot of mobile forcefully. This action may be crack either your mobile’s slot or sim. If your mobile’s sim slot became damaged then you have to repair it at your nearest mobile service centre. If your sim became damaged then you have to get new sim card on same number.


Many times you face the problem of “Invalid Sim” in dual sim mobile. Most of dual sim mobile have this problem that if you insert another sim after use a sim then your mobile shows “Invalid Sim” for your another sim. Actually dual sim mobile have problem of recognize the various sim card. It recognizes only first sim and second sim which is used first. If you try to insert any third sim after remove the first or second sim then your mobile may be reject the third sim. Suppose I have a dual sim card mobile and I use the two sims in this mobile Sim1 and Sim2. After some time I purchase another Sim3 and insert it after remove Sim1 from my mobile. Then my mobile would not be recognized the Sim3 because the slot of Sim1 became fixed for Sim1.
The most common solution of this problem is that remove all sims from your mobile and switch off it for minimum 12 hrs. . After 12-13 hrs start your mobile and insert your new sim. Your new sim will be work properly in dual sim card mobile. This problem has found in low cost local dual sim card mobile. The sim card reader of these mobiles are fail to recognize the new sims. If you want to be safe from this problem then check all the functions of dual sim mobile at the time of purchasing with 3-4 sim card. Insert all of sim card in mobile one by one and check it that all sim card are working properly or not in dual sim card.

Many times you purchase a mobile sim card for a certain time period. After the complete the time period if you do not extend your mobile connection then your Sim card may be Invalid Sim after certain time period. If your sim is invalid due to expire time of validation then it is hard to get same number on another sim card. Because the mobile companies issue the same number to another customer after expiring the one’s mobile sim card validation. Suppose , I have purchased a sim card of Airtel of 3 months validity period and its number is 9911223344. I do not purchase the special voucher for extend its validity period. After over the validity period (3 Months) this sim will be expired . After 1 month company will issue the same number 9911223344 to another customer. When I will insert my old sim to mobile then it will show Invalid Sim. There is no solution of this problem which has beem created due to expire sim.


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