Syllabus Of TMBU BA 2nd Year History Honors – History 3rd and 4th Paper

Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University is oldest university of Bhagalpur. Under this university the graduation course is offered for many subjects. The syllabus of Munger University of History honors 2nd years is same as Tilkamanjhi Bhagalpur University. Here is syllabus of History paper 3 and 4 of BA 2nd Year History Honors of TMBU and Munger University.


Syllabus of 2nd year History Honors – Paper ‘History 3’
(1) Arab Invasion On Sindh – Situation, Cause, Effaces, Articles
(2) Invasion of Muhammad Ghazhni on India – Cause, Nature and Impact, Causes for the defeat of Hindus against Muslims, Administration of Muhammad Ghazhni/Ghaznavi, Achievement of Muhammad Ghazhni/Ghaznavi,
(3) Pal Dynasty – Achievements of Pal Kings, Political and cultural contribution of Palas kings.
(4) Cholas Administration
(5) Vijaynagar Empire – Sangam Dynasty, Political and Cultural Contributions of the ruler of Vijaynagr Empire
(6) Origin of Rajputana
(7) Muhammad Ghori’s Invasions on India – Tarain War 1st and 2nd
(8) Sultanate Period – Principal Source for the history of medieval India. Changes occurred in Society and economy during Sultanate Period. Features of central administration, Land Revenue System, Trade Activity and Features of architecture in Sultanate Period .
(A) Ghulam Dynasty – Qutubuddin Ebak, Iltutamish, Razia Sultan, Balban
(B) Khilji Dynasty – Jalaluddin Khilji, Alauddin Khilji, Market Control Policy of Alauddin Khilji
(C) Tughlaq Dynasty – Muhammad-Bin-Tughlaq, Firoz Shah Tughlaq,
(9) Bhakti Movement in 15th & 16th Centuries – Causes and Effaces, Surdas, Sufi Movement, Chaitanya, Kabir, Mirabai


Syllabus of 2nd year History Honors – Paper ‘History 4’
(1) Glorious Revolution of 1688 – Causes and Impact
(2) Constitutional Significance of the reign of William 3r and Mary 2nd.
(3) Rise growth of Cabinet System of Government in England.
(4) Policy of Walpole, as Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of England (1721-1742)
(5) Development of Cabinet System during reigns of George 1st and George 2nd (1714-1760)
(6) American War against England for Independence – Causes and Impact on history of England (1765)
(7) Personal Rule by George 3 (1760-1801)
(8) Foreign Policy of ‘Pitt The Elder’ (1766-1768)
(9) Reform Act 1832
(10) Achievement of Robert Peel as a Prime Minister of England (1841-46)
(11) Achievement of Lord Palmerston as a Prime Minister of England (1858-1865)
(12) Achievement of Gladstone as a Prime Minister of England (1868-1874, 1880-1885, Feb 1886- July 1886, 1892-94)
(13) Achievement of Disaraeli as a Prime Minister of England (1874-1880)
(14) Industrial Revolution in England – Cause, Impact
(15) Agriculture Revolution in England – Cause and features.
(16) Anglo – Japanese Alliance of 1902
(17) Features of Reform Act of 1911
(18) Features of Monarchy in England
(19) Growth of Party System in Britain
(20) Policy of Splendid isolation By England
(21) Entry of England into First World War (1914)
(22) Entry of England into Second World War (1939-1945)
(23) Power and Function of British Prime Minister

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