Tarapith : How to reach, Hotel, Dharmshala

Tarapith is an important religious place of Hindu religion. It is located 5 kilometers away from Rampurhat city of West Bengal. Here is the world famous temple of Goddess Maa Tara. Tarapith is a Shaktipeeth. It is believed that all the devotees who come here are fulfilled. The entrance gate for worship at the Tarapith temple opens at 4 o’clock in the morning. But at this time only those devotees can visit Mother Tara who receive the special pass issued by the temple trust. You can get this pass at the rate of Rs. 200 per person from the counter. If you buy pass, you can not only see Goddess Maa Tara but also worship in a lot of time. The door opens for the people without passes at 7:30 in the morning. Often, outside the temple, you will find many shops of worship material, from which you can it in Rs. 51, 101 or 151. Before the Goddess’s visit, you should purchase the worship material. There is no any charge for worshiping here. Right next to the Tarapith Temple, there is also a temple of Goddess feet. Its worship is also extremely important.
How to reach –
You will have to land at Rampurhat railway station to go to Tarapith. Rampurhat railway station is only 5 Km far from Tarapith temple. You can reach Tarapith by riding many auto rickshaws, cabs etc. from there. Kolkata is the nearest airport, if you want to go to Tarapith by airplane. There are several trains from Kolkata that go to Rampurhat.
Accommodation –
There are hundreds of hotels in the vicinity of Tarapith Temple where you can stay as per your budget. You can find rooms at the rate of 300 rupees per double-bed room in the hotel. Room with 5 beds are also available in many hotels. Such rooms are available at a rate of Rs. 1200 per night. Tararipith’s most famous hotel is Sonar Bangla Hotel, which has a room rate of more than 3000 rupees per night. Tarapith is crowded on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, while the rest of the day is off season. Many Dharamsala is also available in Tarapith where devotees can stay free of charge.
There is also a provision for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food in every hotel. Apart from this, there are many other restaurants where you can eat your favorite food.
The best weather is to go to Tarapith from mid-October to mid-February.
You can find rooms at cheap rates in these hotels in Tarapith.

  • Hotel Raunak
  • – Rs. 300 per room (Double Bed)

  • Hotel Jimmy
  • – Rs. 350 per room (Double Bed)

  • Hotel Royal Bengal
  • – Rs. 350 per room (Double Bed)

  • Sudha Lodge
  • – Rs. 35 per room (Double Bed)

  • Shkti Lodge
  • – Rs. 350 per room (Double Bed)

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