Tips for establish Ball Pen Refill Plant

Refill is most useful gadget for our daily use. “Use and Throw” ball pen is very popular every where like school ,college, office etc. Use and Throw pen is highly demand able thing in market in view of price and uses. Here is tips for establish a small scale industry for Ball Pen Refill making plant.
There are many types of Ball pen refill machine is available in market. A model range of ball pen refill making machine comes from Rs. 5,000 to 7,500. The much advance machine for ball pen refill making is available from Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 12,000. The other important things to be used in ball pen refill making as raw material are – Pipe – Rs. 85/- per Kg., Ink- Rs. 120 to Rs. 400, Nozzle – Rs. 24 to Rs. 135 per grues ( One Grues = 144 piece) , Plain rapper- Rs. 160 to Rs. 240 per thousand, Golden ribbon and Name Block. All materials are available at shop where you buy plant machine. The training of refill making is very simple. You can learn all process of ball pen refill making in only 7-8 days. The size of total plant is so small that all plant may come on a 6/6 table.
The product sells at grues base. It means that wholesalers buys the refills at grues base. There are 12 dozens refills come in a grues. One grues (144 ) refill may be produced in 3-4 hrs. You can earn Rs. 250-400 per day form a small size ball pen refill making plant.

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