Top 10 Tips For Earn From Indian Stock Market.

The Indian Stock Market is highly risky. The earn from stock market is very risky for new person . So here is 10 tips for earn from Indian Stock Market.
(1) Open a demat Account in a share broking house wheres brokerage charge is very low.
(2) Read daily Economics Times, Mint, Business Standard which are best news paper of stock market news.
(3) Watch CNBC 18 and CNBC Awaaz news channel for current stock market news.
(4) Never follow any body for invest your money in stock market.
(5) Never listen to your Relationship Manager, Branch Manager or any person who are related to your broking house. They want your investment in any stocks for their brokerage only. Their salary are based on brokerage which given by clients. Remember, if they know actually then they invest their money himself in that stock.
(6) Invest your money for long period only. But when you get return 25% then sell it because every stock falls after rise 25%.
(7) Invest your money in those stock which are in Nifty 50. Don’t invest you money in unknown stock.
(8) Never allow to your Relationship Manager, Branch manager or any person who are related to your broking house for play with your money without your knowledge. Keep view on rest money which is deposit with your broking house firm.
(9) When any stock falls up to 30% from its high in 2-3 days then buy it.
(10) Always pay out of your profit. Never use the profit amount for purchase stock in same account.

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