Total Value Of Property Of Mahant Narendr Giri Ji Maharaj Akhada Parishad

After the mysterious death of the president of the Akhara Parishad and the Mahant of the Baghambari Gaddi Math, suspense has set in on the next successor. However, the Baghambari Gaddi Math and Niranjani Akhara, associated with Mahant Narendra Giri, currently have assets worth more than one thousand crore rupees. In such a situation, it is being said that whoever gets the throne of Mahant, but the successor of Mahant Narendra Giri will become the owner of immeasurable property.


Apart from Prayagraj, there are monasteries, temples and land owned by Mahant Narendra Giri in other states including Meja, Karchana, Kaushambi, Jhunsi besides Madhya Pradesh, Haridwar and Delhi.

Among the properties under Mahant Narendra Giri, there is only more than 350 acres of land of Math and Akhara. In Allapur of Sangamnagari, the Baghambri Gaddi Math, which has a luxurious splendor, has more than 3.5 acres of land. Apart from the Swami Vicharanand Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya run by the Math here, the cowshed of the Gir and Shahiwal breeds is worth seeing.

There is also an ashram and land of Niranjani Akhara in Daraganj. Apart from this, in addition to the big Hanuman temple under the Triveni dam near Sangam, there are more than 10 acres of land in Jhunsi as well as temples, monasteries and buildings worth crores. Similarly, 50 acres in Manda and more than 200 acres of land in Mahuari of Mirzapur belong to the Baghambari Gaddi Math.

Apart from this, in Kaushambi, more than a hundred bighas of land belongs to the Math, which is cultivated. 35 acres of land in Naidi of Mirzapur and 35 acres bighas in Sigda are also owned by the Akhara. In this way, the wealth of Bangbari Gaddi Math becomes more than one thousand crores in Prayagraj and surrounding districts itself. There are ashrams attached to the Baghmbri Math in Noida as well.


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