50 Famous Tourist Place In Bihar

Bihar is a very ancient state of India. Since the emergence of states since India, the Magadha kingdom emerged as the most prosperous state. Bihar state has been the center of spiritualism only since the times of Mahatma Buddha and Lord Mahavir. Mahatma Buddha found knowledge on the holy land of Bihar and established a new religion “Buddhist”. Remnants of state “Ang” of King Karna of Mahabharata period in Bihar still exist today. Here we will tell the name of those places of Bihar which are quite special in terms of tourism.
(1) Mahabodhi Temle, Bauddh Gaya (Distrist- Gaya) – Famous for Buddha Temple and Bodhi Tree
(2) Vajrasan , Bauddh Gaya (District – Gaya) – Mahatma Buddha used to meditate while sitting on this seat.
(3) Viswa Shanti Stupa, Rajgir (Nalanda) – This huge stupa was formed in 1969 at the summit of Ratnagiri Mountain by the India-Japan Sarvodaya Friendship Association as a symbol of world peace.
(4) Griddh-Kut Mountain, Rajgir (Nalanda) – Lord Buddha had lived in this place during the rainy season.
(5) Saptparni Cave, Ragir (Nalanda)
– After the Nirvana of Lord Buddha, the first Buddhist summit was held here.
(6) Jivak Amravan, Rajgir (Nalanda) – A hospital was founded here by famous Ayurvedachayra Jivak.
(7) Venuvan Vihar, Rajgir (Nalanda) – This place was donated by Lord King Bimbisar to live for Lord Buddha.
(8) Kalamdah, Near Gulzarbagh railway station (District- Patna) – A ancient famous temple of Jain religion.
(9) Kundgram (District – Vaishali) – Birthplace of Lord Mahaveer.
(10) Champa, Nathnagar (District – Bhagalpur) – A famous Jain Temple.
(11) Sher Shah’s Tomb (District – Sasaram)
(12) Remains of Nalanda Mahavihar (District – Nalanda) – Created by King Kumargupta in the 5th century.
(13) Munger Fort (District- Munger)
(14) Sun Temple, Dev (District – Aurangabad)
(15) The caves of Barabar mountains, Gaya
(16) Vishnupad Temple, Gaya (District – Gaya) – Established by Rani Ahilyabai, Queen Of Indore
(17) Pawapuri (District – Nalanda) – Nirvan place of Lord Mahavir.
(18) Vikramshila (District – Bhagalpur) – Established by King Dharmpal for Bauddh studies.
(19) Buddha Smriti Park, Near Patna Railway Junction, Patna – Park dedicated to Lord Buddha.
(20) Takht Shree Harmandir, Patna Sahib (District – Patna) – Famous Sikh Temple, Birthplace of Sikh Guru Govind Singh.
(21) Other famous place at Patna – Golghar, Gandhi Maidan, Indira Gandhi Planetarium, Sahid Smarak
(22) Kesaria (East Champaran) – World’s highest Buddhist stupa
(23) Ajgaibinath Temple, Sultanganj (District – Bhagalpur) – Famous temple of Lord Shiva
(24) Badi Patan Devi Temple, Patna City (Patna) – Famous Temple of Goddess Durga.
(25) Ugratara temple , Mahishi, (District – Saharsa)
(26) Kusheswar Temple, Kusheswar Sthan (District- Madhepura) – Famous Temple of Lord Shiva
(27) Maharshee Mehidas Ashram, Kuppa Ghat (District – Bhagalpur) – Satsang Ashram
(28) Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan, Patna – Famous zoo of Bihar
(29) Mandar Hill, Bounsi (District- Banka) – Famous Temple of Lord Vishnu on top of hill.
(30) Gupt Dham (District – Rohtas) – Famous temple of Lord Shiva on Kaimur mountains.
(31) Thave (District – Gopalganj) – Famous temple of Goddess Durga
(32) Sitakund (District – Munger) – Hot water fall and famous temples.
(33) Somnath Temple, Saourath (District – Madhubani) – Famous temple of Lord Shiva
(34) Hariharnath Temple, Sonpur, (District – Saran) – World famous for animal fair in month of Kartik.
(35) Makhdum Kund, Rajgir (District – Nalanda) – Famous for Muslim Sufi Chilla Sahab Majar
(36) Badi Dargah, Biharsharif (District – Nalanda) – Famous for Hajrat Malik Baya and Makhdum Shah Sharfuddin Dargah at Piir hill.
(37) Maner Sharif (District – Patna) – Famous for Hajrat Shekh Yahia Maneri Majar
(38) Jama Masjid (District – Sasaram)
(39) Shah Kale Makbara, Malsalami Masjid, Shish Mahal Masjid (Patna City, District – Patna)
(40) Jankigadh (District – West Champaran) – Famous for remains of King Janak’s fort.
(41) Sitamadhi (District – Nawada) – Here, Goddess Sita lived in the cave near Valmiki’s ashram, and her two sons Luv and Kush fought with the army of Lord Rama.
(42) Janki Mandir (District – Sitamadhi) – Famous for Goddess Sita Temple.
(43) Chandan Dam (District – Banka)
(44) Bheem Dam (District – Munger)
(45) Valmiki National Park, Valmikinagar (District – West Champaran) – Famous Tiger Reserve Forest
(46) Ramnagar (District – West Champaran) – Famous Hill Station of Bihar
(47) Saraiya Mann Bird Sanctuary (District – West Champaran)
(48) Someshwar Hill (District – West Champaran) – Famous hill station of Bihar
(49) Bhikhna Thodi, Narkatiaganj (District – West Champaran)– Famous hill station of Bihar
(50) Areraj Shiv Temple (District – East Champaran) – Famous for ancient temple of Lord Shiva

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