Upcoming Movie Of Aryan Khan (आर्यन खान की आने वाली फिल्म)

Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan no longer needs any introduction. Aryan Khan also acted in the film in his childhood. Aryan Khan played the childhood character of Shahrukh Khan in the film Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham.


Apart from this, Aryan Khan has also played the role of a child in some films. But now Aryan Khan is going to be seen in many films as a lead role. Bollywood’s biggest filmmaker Karan Johar has announced to launch Aryan Khan in his first film. Aryan Khan will be seen in the lead role in Karan Johar’s film Deewangi. Jahnavi Kapoor will be with Aryan Khan as the lead actress.
Similarly, Yash Raj Banner has also announced to take Aryan Khan in his film ‘Vikral’. Tiger Shroff will also be with Aryan Khan in Vikral film.
Let’s have a look at Aryan Khan’s upcoming movies.

  • Deewangi (Cast – Aaryna Khan, Jahanvi Kapoor)
  • Love You Too (Cast – Aryan Khan, Nysa Devgan)
  • Vikraal (Cast – Tiger Shroff, Aryna Khan, Shraddha Kapoor)

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