Upcoming Star Kids In Bollywood In 2021

The issue of nepotism in India’s film industry can never be closed. Every year, some star kids are definitely launched in some film. The demand for Star Kids is made more by the film producers because they believe that the general audience is eager to see Star Kids on the silver screen. In the year 2021, many Star Kids will debut on the silver screen. His list is as follows –



  • Nisa Devgan (Daughter of Ajay Devgan and Kajol) – Upcoming movie “Mission V”.
  • Aryan (Son of Shahrukh Khan) – Upcoming movie “Love Hua Tumse”.
  • Sanjay Grover (Son of Gulshan Grover) – Upcoming movie “Hope Solo”.
  • Siddhant Issar (Son of Punit Issar) – Upcoming movie “Ek Tha Don”
  • Ali Murad (Son of Raza Murad) – Upcoming movie “Chawl No. 8”
  • Aditya Rawal (Son of Paresh Rawal) – Upcoming movie “Taj Travels”

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