BPSC Mains Exam General Studies (GS) Paper

Here is questions of GS of 53th- 55th BPSC Mains exam 2012.

GS Paper 1.

Section 1 – History (Answer any three question, each questions have 25 marks)
1. Critically examine the role of Kunwar singh in the Revolt of 1857.
2. “The undertaking object of the Birsa Movement was internal purification and the desire to remove the alien government.” Explain.
3. Describe the contribution of Bihar in the individual Satyagrah of of 1940-41.
4. Discuss the salient feature of the Maurayan Art.

Section 2 – Current Affairs (Answer any three questions, each question have 25 marks)

5. Discuss political change in Bihar Polity from 1991.
6. Examine main recommendation of 13th Finance Commission of the Government of India.
7. Explain worsening position of the State Finance of Government of Bihar.
8. Explain main Agreement of World Trade Organization Discuss Agreement on Agriculture in detail.

Section – 3 Statics (Answer any two questions, each question have 25 marks)
9. Question related to graph.
10. Study of given data.
11. Study the following chart
12. Study the following graph.


Section – 1 Indian Polity (Answer any three question, each question have 25 marks)

1. Discuss Indian Federal System and Centre – State Administration Relation with special reference to National Counter – Terrorism Centre (NCTC).
2. Discuss the power and function of the Governor and his role in BIhar.
3. Examine the power and working of the election Commission of India and its role in free and fair election.
4. Discuss various ‘Directive Principle’. How were these implemented in Bihar after 1950?

Section – 2 Human Geography and Indian economy (Answer any three question, each question have 25 marks)
5. How far does the variable nature of Indian monsoon adversely affect the planning of agricultural development in India. Discuss it with special reference to Bihar.
6. “Microlevel Planning has accelerated the process of economic development in India.” Examine it critically a\with suitable example.
7. The provisional results of 2011 Census in India show the declining trends of population growth rate and sex ratio. How far will they affect the regional planning in India.
8. “Agriculture diversification and organic farming are the batter option for food security in India.” Comment critically with special reference to Bihar.

Section 3 – Science and Technology (Answer any two questions, each question have 25 marks)
9. Bihar continues to experience natural disasters like flood and draught on regular basis. What role can science and technology play in disaster forecasting and management? Explain your answer with piratical examples.
10. Fukushima Nuclear Disaster has put the focus of the world back on the dangers of nuclear technologies. With widening gap in meeting the power requirement of india would it be appropriate to abandon this path? Can our energy needs be fulfilled by alternatives sources? Elucidate.
11. Most of the towns and cities in India have become full of big garbage dumps , dusty broken road and chaotic traffic. WHat role can be scientific management and technology play in covercoming these problems? Explain with example.
12. According to Dr. Manmohan Singh, P.M. of India, “the key challenges faced by the country are increasing population, greater health risks, degraded natural resources and dwindling farmlands.” Discuss at least three scientific initiatives in each of the four areas that you would like to introduces.

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