AIIMS Hospital,New Delhi : Treatment & Facility

May 9, 2020

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi is a world class medical college and hospital of India. This hospital was established in 1956. AIIMS hospital, New Delhi provides all kinds of treatment of any disease in very cheap rate. There are more then 1000 doctors in AIIMS.

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Top 20 Hindi Dance Song For Exercise

April 22, 2020

Exercise is must essential for fir a body. Every body should do exercise daily minimum 1 hour. If you do not like do exercise then you should try a new type of exercise. This is called musical exercise. In this way you can do exercise in your home without go in any field. This musical […]

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Best IVF Center in India

April 20, 2020

Infertility is becoming a major problem in India today. About 10 million couples are facing this problem in India. This treatment is not easy in India. Although there are many reasons for being childless. In many cases, there is a problem in the body of the woman in the body, due to which pregnancy is […]

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First Symptoms Of Corona In Human Body

March 29, 2020

At this time Corona has spread as an epidemic in the whole world. The major factor of corona disease is a virus called Kovid-19 which is caused by animal. The exact details of how and where this virus originated is not yet known, but it is believed that the virus originated from an organism called […]

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Indian Diet For Weight Loss

March 29, 2020

Fat is dangerous for human body. Our body is made for work out. But due to easy life style, new technology, fast food 55% people get unwanted fat. These fats are causes heart attack, diabetes, blood pressure, joint pain and hundreds of another diseases . You can reduce fats by heavy work out. But many […]

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Ayurvedic Oil For Stop Hair Fall & Dandruff

March 7, 2020

If your hair is falling before time and you want to stop this then you should try Ayurvedic hair oild for stop this big problem. There are many Aurvedic hair oil and tonic are available in Indian market which help to remove dandruff and stop hair fall.

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Government Funding For Treatment In Private Hospital

February 20, 2020

Government has started medical insurance for treatment of patient in private hospital. Under this scheme Government give financial fund for treatment of grievous disease as Cancer, Kidney Failure, Brian Tumor/ Brain stroke. TB, etc. There are many documents are required for take financial aid for treatment. The fund is based on diseases. These funds are […]

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Baba Ramdev New Yoga For Rise New Hair

January 7, 2020

Baba Swami Ramdev is Yoga Guru of India. He teaches the important way for prevent from many diseases. Hair fall in early age is very common in people. Baba Ramdev says that any body can stop hair loss without any medicine.

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List of AIIMS Hospitals In INDIA In 2020

January 3, 2020

In India, there has been continuous work done at the government level for health medicine. At the government level, AIIMS is the largest hospital in India. The first AIIMS was founded by Jawaharlal Nehru in New Delhi. Later, in view of the increasing congestion at AIIMS in New Delhi, it was decided by the Central […]

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Indian homeopathic medicine for Joint Pain , Sciatica and Rheumatism

December 8, 2019

If you are suffering from joint pain, sciatica or rheumatism from a long time and you became tried to take costly allopathic medicine without relief in pain then you should try homeopathic medicine for its problem.

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