Caste In Mahadalit Category In Bihar

Bihar Government has decided for create a new category of schedule caste for their special development and education. Government has started some vocational courses for Mahadalit category. Here is list of those schedule castes who comes in Mahadalit Category in Bihar.
1. Bantar, 2. Bauri or Bouri, 3. Bhogta, 4. Bhuiyan, 5. Chaupal or Choupal, 6. Dabgar, 7. Dom- Dhangar, 8. Ghansi, 9. Halaalkhor, 10. Hari- Mehtar- Bhangi, 11. Kanjar, 12. Kuriyaar, 13. Lalbegi, 14. Mushar, 15. Nat, 16. Paan Swaasi, 17. Rajwaar, 18. Turi, 19. Passi, 20. Dhobi, 21. Chamaar 22. Sodhi

Only “Paswan” schedule caste is out from this list. But “Dhobi” caste should not be include in this list. Dhobis are not so much lower in economical or social status as like other schedule caste. If all schedule caste (Excluding Paswan only ) are in Mahadalit category then there is no use to create this category. Mahadalit category should be make on basis of most poorest and undeveloped castes of society . Else this card is for political benefit only. But if Government has started any mission then they should give right direction for develop to these schedule castes.

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