Formula of calculate the area in square feet

Formula of calculate the area in square feet
The formula of calculating the area of a rectangle is length into width. If length and width are in feet then area will be calculated as square feet.
Example: If any platform’s length is 5 feet and width is 4 feet then area of platform will be 5X4 = 20 square feet.
But if length and width are in feet and inch then you have to change feet in to inches of length and width and calculate them. The result will be in square inch. If you want convert square inch to square feet then divide them by 144. The result will be square feet.
Example: A table size is 4.5 feet in length and 3.4 feet in width. If you want calculate the area of that table in square feet. First change the length and width from feet to inches.
1feet = 12 inches
So length 4.5 feet = 48 (12X4) +5 inches = 49 inches
And width 3.4 feet = 36(12X3) +4 inches = 40 inches
Now multiple the length and width for area.
So area is 49X40 = 1960 square inch
Area in square feet of that table is 1960/144 = 13.61 square feet.
You can download the calculator for area in square feet.

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