The mobile technology is upgrading every years. Now it is time to think about upcoming technology in mobile in 2025. Here is the list of those technology on which the work is going on and that will come in the mobile 2025.


(1) 6G Connectivity Mobile – This facility will give more fast internet in mobile. 6G connectivity will give nonstop film watching and direct TV channel.
(2) 128 GB RAM – This RAM will be able to play all game on mobile.
(3) 1 TB ROM – The internal memory will be upgraded upto 1 TB in mobile. In this type of mobile you can hundreds movies and thousands app.
(4) Screen Size – The scree size will be 6 or 7 inch but you can increase upto 10 inch by spread the screen.
(5) Other features –
(a) You will be able to watch the movie, video or picture on wall or any plain object by projector which will in mobile.
(b) You will be able to type any thing by speak on mobile in any language.
(c) You will be able to check your BP and heart beats by you mobile.
(d) All software of a normal computer will be run on Mobile.
(e) You will be able to use CAD, Tally, Adobe Photoshop etc. on your mobile.
(f) You will be able to do group video call to many members in to any group in whatsapp.
(g) You will be able to watch live real time picture of any place of world in mobile through satellite.
(h) You will be able watch any movie on mobile on first day of release.
(i) You will be able to call to your home from flying aeroplane.


(j) You will be able to receive amount through any debit or credit card by scan card on mobile.
(k) You will be get notification on your mobile when the door of your home or shop opens in your absence.
(l) In the future, the real car will be driven by mobile.
(m) The chassis number of all vehicles will be electronic, by which you will be able to get adject location of any vehicle.
(n) You will be get notification on your mobile when your vehicle starts in your absence.

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