Main Points Of History For Civil Service Competitive Exam

History is main subject for any competition for government job. Here is main points of History for any exams.
(1) Ancient Indian History – (a) Source of Ancient History (b) The Indus Valley Civilisation (c) Rise of Magadha Empire (d) Buddhism Religion (e) Jain Religion (f) Maurya Empire (g) Empires After Maurya Dynasty (h) Guptas Empire (e) Main Empires of South India (f) Veda (g) Rise of Rajput Dynasties


(2) Medieval Indian History – (a) Sultanate era – Gulam Dynasty, Khilji Dynasty, Tughlaq dynasty, Lodi Dynasty (b) Vijaynagar Empire (c) Bahmani Empire (d) Sufi Movement (e) Bhakti Movement (f) Mughal empire (Babar, Humayun, Akbar, jahangir, Shahjahan, Aurangzeb) (g) Administration of Mughal empire (h) Medieval architecture (i) Rise of Maratha Empire (j) Medieval battles
(3) Modern Indian History – (a) The arrival of European trading companies in India (b) British occupation of Bengal (c) The fall of the Mughals from Delhi (d) Indian administration under East India Company (e) Tribal and Farmer Movement against Company rule (f) 1857’s Revolt and its chief leaders (g) British Rule after 1857 (h) Congress established 1885 (i) Partition of Bengal (j) Muslim League establishment 1906 (k) Congress split 1907, cause (l) Morley-Minto Amendments Act 1909 (m) Delhi Durbar 1911 and its announcement (n) Home Rule Movement 1916 (o) Lucknow Pact 1916 (p) Gandhi’s arrival in politics of India and his first Satyagrah in Champaran 1917 (q) Jallianwala Bagh Massacre 1917, cause and effect (r) Non-Cooperation Movement 1920, Reasons and Effects (s) Rise of Bhagat Singh and his Movement (t) Civil Disobedience Movement 1930 (u) Rise of Baba saheb Bheem Rao Ambedkar and his role for demand or rights of Schedule caste (v) Round table conference 1930, 1931, 1932 (w) Poona pact 1932 (x) Akhil Bhartiy kisan Sabha 1936 (y) Rise of Subhash Chandra Bose from 1939 (z) Demand of Pakistan 1940 (aa) Quit India movement, 1942 (ab) Azad Hind Fauj 1943 and its action (ac) Death of Subhash Chandra Bose 1945 (ad) Cabinet Mission 1946, (ae) Partition Of India 1947 (af) Independence of India 1947 (ag) Death of Gandhi 1948 (af) Implement of Constitution of India in 1950
Other important points of History –


Swami Vivekanand and his books, Rabindra Nath Tagore and his books, Commission during British rule, Relation between British and native states, British Governor and his work, Famous books and newspapers in slave India, Revolutionary movement for India’s independence, The great leaders of Congress and his contribution to the fight of independence.

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