Tips for Check Second Hand Car Before Purchase


If you are buying a secondhand car then you must consider some points before that. A lot of seconds hand car is available in the market.
Before buying Second Hand Four Wheeler, consider that for what purpose you want to buy a car. If your purpose is commercial, then you should buy a SUV type four wheeler. If your purpose of driving a car is only with personal work, then you can also buy small or medium car.
Before buying a second hand car, check that the car is not more than 5 years old. The parts of the car older than five years have worn out. The price of vehicles older than 5 years is half of the current price.
The total distance driven by the vehicle also has a great effect on the condition of the vehicle. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the total distance traveled by the vehicle. The maximum distance is ideal for purchase used vehicles is following,
For SUV type vehicles – 75,000 kilometer
Under 1000 CC car – 40,000 kilometer
There are many types of mechanical problems that arise in more distance traveled vehicles. It costs a lot of money to repair it. Therefore, the price of such vehicles should be half of the current price.
Before buying secondhand vehicle, check its air condition. Most air-conditioner systems of old vehicles are damaged. The main problem with the old vehicle is its mileage. Its mileage is reduced when it is more than 5 years old.
Before purchasing any old vehicle, make sure to check the engine of its engineer from a mechanic. Make sure that the vehicle does not vibrate inside while running the vehicle. Being shaking means that there is a problem in the engine. To finish this problem the engine will need to be opened, which is costly work.
Excessive black smoke in the vehicle also indicates the engine’s problem.
Before buying a vehicle, its documentation is also required to be checked. In which owner books, registration paper, insurance paper, permits, pollution paper etc. should be examined.
If you check all these aspects then you will not have any problem in buying a second hand car.


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