Earn By Tour & Travel

October 11, 2019

Who does not like tour & travel. But traveling is a expensive work. So many person cannot offers the tour & travel due to money expenditure.
But there are many way to earn by travel. Here is best way to earn money by travel.
(1) you can sell the photos of your tourist place as wallpaper.
(2) You can write a book about your journey with your full experience.
(3) You can make a short movie of any tourist place and sell to the any tourist channel.
(4) You can note down the name and rent of hotel of tourist place and give information about this in your own place.
(5) You can write book or easy about the importance of tourist place.
(6) If you have any business then your can promote your business in any tourist place.
(7) If you have a four-wheeler then you can bring the other tourist to tourist place and earn money from those tourist.
(8) You can bring some home decoration products, any special cloth, any artwork, religious product from tourist place and sell at your home town. It’ll give you good profit by tour.
(9) If you have visited any tourist place then you can bring another person of your home town to the same tourist place, and take charge of your service.
There are some tricks, by which you can earn money by tour and travel.

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