How to establish a Beauty Parlor, Cost, Income

Beauty Parlor becomes a necessity for each society, even in a village. Every girl, women need to a beauty parlor for her personal beauty care. Beauty parlor is a profitable business in low investment for women. Any housewife can start this business in her own house. If a working women wants earn more money from extra business, then beauty parlor is good business. College going girl student may also open a beauty parlor for earn money by side business.

The cost of establish a beauty parlor is depends on its size. But if you want start beauty parlor in low budget then you can start this beautiful business in Rs. 40,000 to 50,000 in your house. If you want establish this business in any commercial shop then rent or price of shop will be extra.
Here is important thing to set up a small beauty parlor in low budget.
1. Chair – Rs. 20,000
2. Mirror – Rs. 1500
3. Makeup Kit – Rs. 2000
4. Hair Dryer – Rs. 700
5. Makeup Material – Rs. 1000
6. Hair Straightener – Rs. 1000
7. Hair Trimmer – Rs. 1000
8. Grooming Kit Bag – Rs. 2000
9. Furniture – Rs. 10000
10. Towel, Cloths and other miscellaneous – Rs. 5000

Before start a beauty Parlor you should have knowledge of makeup and other activity. If you don’t know about makeup work then you can hire makeup specialist girl.
The profit from beautiful parlor depends on market and customer. If at least five customers come to your beauty parlor daily then you will earn Rs. 200 daily or Rs. 6000 per month minimum. You can take more charge for special bridal makeup. An average daily earning from beauty parlor is Rs. 2,000 to 2,500 in wedding season.
If you take franchise of any famous brand of beauty parlor then your investment capital will be high but your profit also will go high.

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